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"The Vitality Staff is awesome! Their professionalism and caring treatment of their patients is highly noted every day when I enter the office. When I first started with Dr Mary, I was a little skeptical, even though I had previous experience with chiropractic care from other sources. My symptoms were stress in my upper back and feeling I was operating in a fog in my day to day functions. I could feel the difference after my first visit. There was no twisting or manipulations of my body. After my first evaluation, I discovered I could handle stressful situations so much more confidently and little things didn't tip me over. I had to share my results with my friends, because I want them to feel as great as I feel!"

Mickey H.

"When I first met with Dr. Mary, I could barely turn my head past 45 degrees or lift my arm/shoulder without pain. I know that I am not unique in the challenges with juggling a busy lifestyle and multiple roles—mom, wife, employee, friend, etc. I've learned that only when you take care of yourself can you truly take care of others. I definitely recognize I experience maximum wellness results when I am consistent with my chiropractic care. I LOVE the positive energy I feel and appreciate how I am always greeted by name with a warm and welcoming smile when I come to the office. Pain relief may have been why I initially sought chiropractic care but I now consider that a secondary side benefit. I am amazed how adjustments have helped me to achieve balance and adopt healthier lifestyle choices in other areas of my life--exercising regularly, eating better, sleeping better/more restful sleep, more productive at work, happier home life, increased overall energy levels, just to name a few. I deserve to be the "healthiest me" I can be. I'm so happy I chose Dr. Mary and Vitality Chiropractic to be a part of my journey for a positive, healthy lifestyle!"

Megan L.

"Several years ago I was involved in a motor vehicle accident resulting in whiplash. Four different physicians advised medication. After 2 ½ years there was no improvement and I was told I would probably just have to live with the problem. I met Dr. Mary and Sheri at an Arthritis education event and thought, "what do I have to lose?". I tell people that know me that Dr. Mary uses a more gentle method of adjustment. In the 11 adjustments I have had so far there is no doubt I have physical improvement. The credit for that must go to Dr. Mary and her staff."

Gail E.

"It was a night at Zonta that lead me to Dr. Mary. I was looking for a Chiropractor that I could trust to help my body and mind stay in balance. I lost my spouse, sister, and aunt all within a short time frame. Dr. Mary started working out a plan with my body to help me understand what I was going through. The process would be a slow one with no quick fixes (we all want a quick fix). I was hopeful in trying to get my body and mind on a wellness program so that I could again enjoy what path lies ahead. I am very grateful to Dr. Mary and her staff for all their positive encouraging words, kindness and helpful treatment at Vitality. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you!"

Claudia D.

"I had been going to a "regular" chiropractor for years with lower back pain and shoulder pain. When I fell off the back stairs of our house in March of this year, I was in a great deal of pain and knew that I could not go to my "regular" chiropractor. I just could not deal with the cracking and manipulation. My boss gave me information on Vitality and told me that I should try it. I was skeptical but thought I would try. Wow, what a difference! Dr. Mary and the staff were awesome (and continue to be) and I was much better in about a week. If I had gone to my other chiropractor, I knew I would have been in pain for weeks. This system of chiropractic care is unbelievable and got me back to my "normal" faster. This care has brought me to a new level of chiropractic and overall health. Dr. Mary and the staff are amazing! Thanks for everything you do."

Leslie A.

"While walking around the Zonta Expo of 2010 my body ached all over. I was having pain in my shoulders, back, feet as well as other health issues. I saw the booth and decided to visit. I have to admit I was skeptical at first but then things started to make sense. They evaluated me. The misalignments affected my nerves which affects all systems of the body. Correcting this has lessened my symptoms and improved my quality of life. I also enjoy learning about better health and wellness. That's why I'm committed to chiropractic care!"
Cami J.

"I was referred to Vitality by a friend who said he felt so much better after just a few sessions with Dr. Mary. I can say I was skeptical at first, but after meeting Dr. Mary and seeing how excited she gets about each of her patients I changed my mind. When you walk through the door at Vitality you feel like you're part of a family. The focus isn't just on your physical body, but more on the whole person. The root of my physical issues was stress and Dr. Mary has taught me to accept the things I can't change and let go. My experience with everyone here has been amazing and I recommend Vitality Chiropractic to everyone."

Ashley B.

"After a serious collision during a baseball game and suffering significant injury a family friend recommended I go see Dr. Mary Curtis. When I came to Dr. Mary I was concerned about my back and the ability to move my neck. I wanted to be healthy and pain free. Now that I've had care from Dr. Mary I tell people I go to Vitality because of the work they do and the care everyone takes in helping you become healthy."

Watch Sam's baseball collision here.

Sam P.

"I have been a patient of Vitality Chiropractic for 2 years and I can say with all confidence that coming on a regular basis has improved my health tremendously. My chronic back pain and my headaches are virtually gone. I believe it is because I have come to Vitality on a regular basis that is the key to feeling better. I look forward to coming in and being greeted with a friendly and heartfelt "Hello" when I arrive and Dr Mary's enthusiasm is awesome. Thank you Vitality Chiropractic!"


"After going to another chiropractor for several treatments and not feeling any improvements with my back pain & neck issues, I decided to see Dr. Mary because she had been highly recommended by a friend. From the beginning, the reception I received on the phone and in the office to the care I have been given during my visits have been exrememly positive and professional.

Dr. Mary continues to amaze me with her intuitive and healing gifts plus her medical skills. I am so grateful that I have benefited significantly physically & emotionally at Vitality Chiropractic and trust that being in their care is right for me."


"Vitality Chiropractic has renewed my health in many areas of my life. I have less back pain, and increased overall health. My emotional health and attitude are improved when I receive regular chiropractic care. I used to have a day every few weeks filled with back or neck pain. I would wonder if I could make it through the work day. Since receiving regular care from Vitality Chiropractic, I rarely have those days anymore. Everyone at Vitality Chiropractic is friendly, professional, and caring. I look forward to seeing their smiling faces!

C. E.

"It started back in 2007, my 9 year old began getting terrible headaches. Just when we thought these headaches couldn't get worse the constant vomiting began. After four ER visits, and several trips to our family physician, CT scans, MRI's, blood work, name it, we did it. I missed so many days of work, but I'm not talking vomiting once or twice, she would get a headache and vomit multiple times. And no one could give us answers. I felt like this would be the life my daughter would have.

A month after my daughter turned 11 we were at the kids fair and we met Dr. Mary. That was the day our lives changed. Dr. Mary expressed what she saw on my daughters scans and she set a plan into action. This was almost two years ago. My daughter will be 13 in a few months and very few headaches. Anytime she flares up Dr. Mary & Heather always get her in ASAP and get her back on track.

Dr. Mary has been a 'Godsend' to me and my daughter. She taught my daughter how to get on track and we love her for that."

Patty C.

"I am above-average height and have had poor posture my entire life. I was hurting, every day, and had been for years, especially after injuring my tailbone with the birth of my second child. My medical doctor told me it would heal in several months and prescribed me pain medication. That helped, but I wanted a more natural way of handling the pain. I knew I had to get help but didn't know where to go. I asked some friends about chiropractic care and got several referrals, but didn't follow up. Nothing seemed to strike the right chord with me.I met Dr. Mary and her staff at the Zonta Expo in the fall of 2010. I didn't go there seeking a chiropractor, but had one when I left! :) I was so impressed with the technology and the genuine concern Dr. Mary had for my well-being. Top that with her friendly staff and I KNEW I had the right place. I experienced immediate relief from pain, especially the tailbone issues. Dr. Mary has also motivated me to make positive changes in my life -- eating healthier, exercising more, educating myself. I have no doubt that she is genuinely interested the health and well-being of her patients. I recommend her whole-heartedly to all my friends, especially moms! I came to Dr. Mary for the SCIENCE and left there with the SPIRIT."

Cathy T.

"I want to thank Dr. Mary and her staff for the fantastic care that I have received in the past few months. A friend of mine told me about Dr. Mary, she knew that I was going through a rough time with neck, back, and other issues that affected memory, focus, and overall wellness. I had been to several doctors, including another chiropractor, and was even told by one that there was nothing wrong with me, which I knew was not true! I took Dr. Mary's recommendation and followed her treatment program. As a result of this program, I currently feel better than I have in years. I can turn my neck when I drive, have more energy, and improved focus and memory. My husband now comes to Vitality Chiropractic and has also had amazing results, we plan on maintaining our current level of wellness with the help of Dr. Mary. "

Diane R.

"Finding myself widowed at 43 left me devastated physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Caring for others has always come more easily than caring for myself, and in the aftermath of my husband's illness and passing, I was a wreck. I was shuffling along, going through the motions of survival, but not thriving. Something needed to change.

I met Dr. Mary and her staff at a wholistic expo. She teased me about all the ink I used marking off my ailments on her forms, but when she looked past my pallid complexion, the black circles surrounding my eyes, and the pain of a shattered soul lost, she simply said "I can help if you let me."

Never having any experience with chiropractic care, I was a tad trepidated to say the least. Yet I was aware that something had to change if I were to survive. I took a deep breath, and dove headfirst into her world.

I have been under Dr. Mary's care for a year. She has helped me achieve a mental stability and a balance between my physical, emotional, and spiritual well being that I have never experienced before. Although I still need to be reminded to take care of myself, I have more energy to do things I enjoy. I am making wiser choices about nutrition, stress managment, and finding balance in my life and in myself.

What tomorrow brings, I do not know, but I do know I will continue to learn and grow and take care of myself under Dr. Mary's capable guidance. "

Lise T.

"I have always believed in chiropractic. I decided to see Dr. Mary because of her different approach to chiropractic as I had the same kind of treatment for more than 10 years and it wasn't working for a long period of time...

I come to Vitality because I am pretty much pain free most of the time...except when those stressful situations come up, then I feel better after my adjustment. I made the commitment to lose weight and take care of myself so I can continue to take care of others."

Helen M.

"Chiropractic care has been a commitment for health and wellness for me since the 90's and was instrumental in avoiding parathyroid surgery and taking hazardous chemicals with side effects.

Moving to this area, Dr. Mary was recommended to me by my daughter. Dr. Mary's skills, explanations and recommendations have continued to keep my spine aligned, my nervous system clear and my energy balanced, as I recover from a car accident and manage the daily stresses in my life.

It is easy, safe, effective, and financially doable with no harmful side effects. Dr. Mary's cheerful, positive, interested attitude, along with her staff makes it enjoyable!"

Sandra D.

"I suffer from fibromyalgia and have tried physical therapy which did not help with my muscle function or chronic pain. I showed a great improvement after starting chiropractic care and weekly massage treatments. After a while I started having problems with standard chiropractic treatments (with more pain). My massage therapist recommended Dr. Mary.

Since I started with Vitality, my fibromyalgia symptoms such as muscle stiffness, pain and mental "fibro fog" have become more manageable which makes me happier and function at my job.

Because my daughter had problems with her knees and ankles when playing soccer I brought her to Dr. Mary. She loves Dr. Mary (and her staff)."

Patti L.

"Eight years ago, I was involved in a car accident in which I broke part of every extremity as well as several vertebrae in my back. I spent four years trying everything western medicine had to offer me to ease the pain, but little helped. I suffered from knee, back, and ankle pain as well as debilitating headaches. After numerous CAT scans, MRI's and neurologist appointments, I was told that there was nothing that could be done for my headaches because they were "stress" related. It only took two weeks of chiropractic for my headaches and fainting to stop and I have been going to chiropractors ever since. I like Dr. Mary Curtis because of her gentle technique and suggest her to friends because of it."

Christine S.

"I am 54 years old and have seen chiropractors for years. I have always felt the cracking of my back didn't seem to help a whole lot. Since seeing Dr. Mary I have had my range of motion in my neck improve greatly. My indigestion has almost gone away and I no longer take any pills for it.

I decided to see Dr. Mary on the advice of my daughter and I am glad I did. My treatments are relaxing and stress free, unlike my old treatments where I was bent this way and that, cracked, and popped. I highly recommend anyone needing relief to visit Dr. Mary and make their own decision.

Marie L.

"I have been getting adjustments from Dr. Mary for 4 years. The adjustments have really helped me manage my neck pain. Dr. Mary and chiropractic care have opened up a whole new world for me and the way I handle health concerns. Now, whenever I have an issue the first person I call, email or talk to is Dr. Mary to see if it can be treated using chiropractic care.

My 2 year old daughter started getting adjustments when she was six months old to help manage her reflux. After a few adjustments she no longer had any reflux issues. She now receives maintenance adjustments and I have really noticed a difference in her health compared to a lot of other children. She hasn't had any ear infections, RSV or pneumonia and she sleeps great at night! I believe that the chiropractic adjustments have really helped keep her healthy and have allowed her body to be able to recover quickly if she does get sick.

Dr. Mary is great at handling anything I throw at her, and I can be quite a challenge sometimes! I always look forward to going to Vitality. I feel that Dr. Mary, Heather and Brittany truly care about me and my health!"

Michele B.

"While doing Roller Derby I give and receive a lot of heavy blows and my hip was in the habit of popping itself out. Prior to care with Dr. Mary I was seeing a chiropractor who did manual adjustments and my hip just wouldn't stay in no matter what I did. And giving up my sport was not an option.

Then my heel started flaring up!

I started coming to Dr. Mary almost two years ago and my hip hasn't popped out once! My heel is slowing healing and I have become a much stronger athlete! I have learned with Dr. Mary's help to listen to the cues that my body is giving me.

I also love how she can target in on that area that I didn't know was ever flaring! That moment of "Ah!" always makes me feel better!"

Vicki U.

"I had been dealing with stiffness and soreness in my neck and back. Through care and recommended stretching exercises I now feel better at work and on the golf course. The staff is also very professional and great to work with."

Ben F.

"Ever since I started my care at Vitality my life has completely changed! I am now much more conscious of my body and how I am taking care of it; thanks to Dr. Mary! I feel at home every time I walk through the door and always leave with a smile on my face and a healthy strong body! Thank you for all that you have done Mary, Heather and Brittany! You're all the best!"

Molly T.

"Having been a long time believer and user of chiropractic care, I searched for a chiropractic practitioner skilled in the use of the Activator Methods of adjustment. I began my research prior to relocating to the Black Hills in 2009. Dr. Mary Curtis was my #1 choice and I continue as a satisfied patient.

Bob J.

"Before I started visiting Dr. Mary at Vitality, I had been having back issues of one kind or another the past 10 years. The prior 4 months I was even suffering from sciatica for the first time in my life and was getting tired of dealing with the constant discomfort. That was almost 18 months ago and I can't believe the results! Over the past year my back hasn't felt this good for this long in over 10 years and I have not had any symptoms of sciatica in well over a year. Dr. Mary has helped me enjoy my active lifestyle without having to deal with the lingering pain afterwards, that I had just grown to expect!

Thanks Dr. Mary!

Tobin M.

"My experience with chiropractic care was not a success story. I had pretty much given up on chiropractic as being realistic...UNTIL I was referred to Dr. Mary.

Her technique, professionalism and compassion for me as a person has been a wonderful journey of learning and appreciating what she could do for me.

My health has improved immensely - I haven't felt so much energy and life since I started with Dr. Mary.

Dr. Mary, Heather and Brittany are now officially a part of my 'healthcare family' - I love them."

Deb H.

"My lower back was always achy and felt very weak. It was something I figured I had to live with. I met Dr. Mary at a Zonta Expo where she did the exam of my back and neck. I then made an appointment with her for a full exam.

I could not believe how good I felt after a few visits, my back felt stronger and I had more energy! I have continued with Dr. Mary and chiropractic because I'm not sore after an adjustment and I feel better overall.

I am always met with a smile and a genuine welcome. That always helps when you go to the Dr.!!

Thank you for all you do!"

Colleen K.

"I was having pain in my shoulders and back. I had gone to other chiropractors but ended up hurting so bad that I did not want to go back. My husband has been going to Dr. Mary for some time and I decided to give her a try. She uses a non-invasive technique and I feel fabulous after her treatment.

I tell others that Dr. Mary Curtis is wonderful and she believes in wellness and balance in your body. You do not seem to have all that pain after her treatment, versus using a chiropractor that does manual manipulations. I feel so good after leaving her office it is amazing!

She really does help you get back in balance, especially if you are having lots of pain! I could hardly lift my arm past my shoulder without it hurting and by the end of treatment I was able to lift and rotate my arm above my head without any pain!!

She is the best!"


"Dr. Mary, Heather and Brittany have been an integral part in some major growth in my life, from being mentally happier and more energized, to pain free. I have been suffering from pain in my lower back and shoulders, and sometimes my entire body, for many years. Switching from Doctor to Doctor, pain med to pain med, and still nothing worked. It was time to operate. I did not want to go down that road, as you don't often see good life-long results.

I met Dr. Mary and staff at a health conference here in Rapid City. At first scepticism set in, "How can a little instrument that doesn't crunch or grind have an impact on my body?" But I figured, what the heck? I can't be in more pain than I already am; I will give her a try.

That was four months ago, but it feels like a lifetime due to changes that have occurred in my life. I am a completely different person. Dr. Mary approaches of encompassing my mentality and stress with my physical ailments have done wonderful things for me. Most days I am pain free and enjoy all the activities I couldn't do for so many years.

I can now throw ball with my son, go for walks, and just enjoy life here in the Black Hills. I have started new journeys and adventures to become a better person. I have learned that through this kind of chiropractic care it's not always about being pain free for a couple of days, but maintenance and reduction of the patterns and mental situations that cause the pain to manifest.

I know I have the ability to have a better and more positive outlook on my life and situations that before would produce agonizing and debilitating pain.

Thank you so much Dr. Mary and staff for your help along my journey and the journey to come!!!"

Lyn M.

"I was unable to move my arms or lift (even light things) without pain. I tolerated the immobility for a year before I decided I needed care! I chose Dr. Mary after having a scan done at a Woman's Conference. I had heard great things about her at other professional meetings and just figured it was time! I have used chiropractic care in the past and it works! I have incredibly improved mobility in a short time and I look forward to my visits because I know I'll be balanced and feeling great when I leave the office! My favorite part of visiting Dr. Mary? - All of it!"

Laura L.O.

"Dr. Mary has helped my son and I so much over the last year. I suffer from migraines and have gone from having two a week to about two a month, with a huge decrease in severity. She has helped my son with his internal alignment so he can feel better about himself and increase his confidence. This in-turn has decreased his migraines. He loves going to see Dr. Mary and will even ask me to go see her. He can tell when he needs an adjustment. The best part is there isn't any bone cracking manipulations. Dr. Marys manipulations are "great vibrations!"

Valerie and Rylie S.

"Thanks to the tremendous staff at Vitality Chiropractic, I am feeling great! I had lower back and hip issues when I started my adjustments. I am now pain free with an occasional flare up (due to my own actions)! It's so nice to have peace of mind that Dr. Mary is just a phone call away and promptly takes care of any problems I may have. The staff at Vitality Chiropractic is always extremely helpful, friendly and professional. THANKS Dr. Mary, Heather and Brittany."

Cindy M.

"Dr. Mary is a breath of fresh air whenever I need a lift. I'm not sure how she does it, but I always feel better after each visit."

Bob F.

"Vitality has taught me how important maintenance is to keep our bodies in balance. And I really appreciate the welcoming, smiling faces when I walk in the door. You always make me feel special and you always listen. Thank you for being so good to my mom. She always feels better after a visit with all of you. Thank you for all that you do for us, and always keeping an open mind.

With much appreciation and gratitude"

Donna B.

"I have had many back issues my entire life including Scoliosis, Springels Deformality and I've had multiple surgeries on my back starting when I was 6 years old. My last surgery was on my spine in 2009 to release tension on my spinal cord. I was walking with a cane and had major nerve damage in my legs causing weakness and numbing.

During the initial exam Dr. Mary listened to my concerns since I had been to a chiropractor years before and was very cautious about beginning another treatment that was not meant for a person with my issues. Since I do not have a normal medical history, (Dr. Mary calls it my SNS or Special Nervous System), I was concerned that chiropractic care could cause more harm than good. The treatment method used at Vitality Chiropractic understands my limitations and does not force the adjustments, rather it lets my body adjust to where it needs to be to heal properly.

I can sit, walk, sleep and do all the other things that people take for granted. Previously the pain would be with me no matter the situation. After two months of treatments, I feel like a normal person and can go on walks without pain or worrying about falling down.

The staff is wonderful. I am warmly greeted as soon as I walk into the office and the staff truly cares how I am doing. Dr. Mary doesn't just look at the symptoms that I am experiencing but rather looks at how my body is doing as a whole to determine treatment. For example, one day she did work on my foot which I never noticed was in need of an adjustment. After a few minutes I could tell a huge difference in my entire lower body, noticing everything was much more calm."

Debra H.

"I started coming to see Dr. Mary because my husband and I wanted to check and see if it would make a difference - I actually came so my husband would come as he had ongoing back problems. His back problems are under control now and we have both been surprised at how big an impact wellness adjustments have had. We feel better, sleep better, and are more energized!"

Carol L.

"I was referred to Dr. Mary from a friend. I hurt my back which was causing great pain and I couldn't stand up straight. I started to go to Vitality on a daily basis for several weeks; this helped the pain and increased strength in my back. Dr. Mary designed a treatment plan that worked to help heal my back and now I go in once every 10 days.

The pain in my back has dissolved, she has also shown me supplements and exercises to do that will keep my back in a healthy state. I refer Vitality Chiropractic to everyone who is looking for a great chiropractic office. The staff at Vitality are friendly and always willing to help the client. I will continue to have health and wellness visits with Dr. Mary to continue improvement in my lower back, and also keep myself healthy.

Thank you Vitality!"

Sandra G.

"I met Dr. Mary Curtis at the Wholistic Fair at the Civic Center. They explained how things work and I made an appointment. After 30 years of walking as a dental assistant, a rear-end car wreck and several falls, the strain on my neck, shoulders and left leg still hurt after traditional treatment for 10 years.

After 2 months with Dr. Mary my neck, shoulder and hip pain is gone. I no longer need pain or allergy medication.

Thank you Dr. Mary."

Suzanne S.

"I can't tell you how much better I feel today! It's like with a little help and direction, the body really does heal itself - I'm so impressed!

Greg and I were talking last night about what a blessing it is to know that we have YOU to call on when we are in pain! To have a place to go where we can get immediate attention and relief - Thanks for being that security for us!

We just think the world of you!"

Connie F.

"When I first visited Dr. Mary my right arm was totally frozen and wouldn't move. Over the last year I have complete mobility in my arm and I have noticed a "wellness" that I haven't experienced before.

I decided to see Dr. Mary because of Women's Network. When I speak to others about my experience here I tell them how my sessions here have improved my health. I'm committed to continuing the service provided here because I feel healthier both mentally and physically."

Pearl K.

" For over fifty years I have lived an overly active lifestyle from recreation, sports, and construction. Over that time I have had back troubles, sometimes debilitating. I have gone to many chiropractors over the years and have had short term relief, which is what I thought I wanted and needed. I heard Dr. Mary's testimony on non-aggressive spinal care and strengthening of your core for long term health-I was impressed.

In the initial evaluation and analysis, after just one hour we had a complete computerized picture of the condition of my spine and a plan to restore my health. It included exercise, nutrition, and proper motion.

In two years my posture, back, and health is back to more youthful days. Most importantly, my sleep is more restful and energizing allowing me to 'take on the day!'

With periodic checks and adjustments we have prevented further back ailments and maintained good spinal health. Working with Dr. Mary I know now what it takes to protect my back and health.

Thank you Dr. Mary - I owe you!"

Michael B.

A Mother's Testimonial:

"Prior to care with Dr. Mary, my daughter, Sarah, suffered from chronic asthma. She as on daily medications to control the symptoms, as well as needing a nebulizer several times daily. We spent quite a bit of time in doctor's offices and emergency rooms -- asthma attacks, respiratory problems and ear had become routine for her.

Then I spoke to Dr. Mary about Sarah. She believed that she could help. I admit, I was skeptical. I didn't understand how dealing with the spine could affect the respiratory system. But I figured what would it hurt? A year's worth of care would easily be paid for simply by eliminating two visits to the emergency room, plus we would be happier without all of the stress.

Within one month of starting care with Dr. Mary, we were able to stop using her nebulizer and discontinue the medications. She has not had one asthma attack since starting care, no respiratory problems, not one ear infection. Her body is able to fight off any illness that comes on quickly before it becomes an issue for her. Her pediatrician loves how healthy she is, he says preventative care is absolutely the way to go!

Sarah is a happier, healthier child thanks to Dr. Mary!

I then brought my son John to Dr. Mary; he had chronic headaches, as well as asthma. Since Dr. Mary had achieved fantastic results with Sarah I was eager to see if she could do the same for John.

Simply put, John has not had one headache since starting care with Dr. Mary. His asthma has reduced in severity. He is able to enjoy playing basketball and tennis, his two favorite sports.

I recommend Dr. Mary to all of my friends an family. She is amazing!"

Stephanie F.

"When I started coming to Dr. Mary, I couldn't stand up straight. I had not worn my wedding ring in a couple of months due to inflammation and had also been diagnosed with arthritis in my ankle. After a couple of weeks of treatment by Dr. Mary, I felt as though I dropped 10 pounds because I could stand straight, I could wear my rings again and my ankle pain hugely improved. I feel 100% better but am still continuing treatment to try and stay on the right track. Dr. Mary has given me my life back as I have no more chronic pain in my ankles and back."

Lanelle C.

"I was referred to Dr. Mary by a friend and since then my life has changed. I had injured my back and hip in a car accident. This injury had been life altering, but since seeing Dr. Mary I have finally been able to find some normalcy again. My pain has decreased and I'm having sensation in my foot again. Dr. Mary has changed my life and I tell that to anyone who will listen."

Julie O.

"I first came to Vitality because I was unwell and didn't know why. I went to every kind of doctor and went to every hospital. I was lost and didn't know what to do. My neighbor suggested Vitality. She thought they were just what I needed but couldn't explain why. So I decided to give it a try. I can't begin to explain the comfort I felt when I met Dr. Mary and her great staff. Dr. Mary explained what she did and how she thought she could help me. After months of not being able to take care of myself and my family, Dr. Mary kept her promise and gave it all back to me which was something I thought I would never do again. Through a process of changing my lifestyle and through her listening to me an my body, I'm quickly getting back to the things I love doing. I feel blessed to have Vitality in my life. They have given me my life back, there's no gift that I could ever give them that would truly show how much I thank them (which is daily in my heart)!"

Kyli B.

"When I first came to see Dr. Mary I was having neck pain and headaches on a frequent basis. I was taking medicine frequently with no help. Through regular visits I have not experienced any of the "episodes" I used to get and have remained healthy and feeling great. Everyone at Vitality is always very cheerful and helpful!"

Doug M.

"Chiropractic care at Vitality has made me so much more aware of how awesome our body really is. I never realized how its "innate intelligence" tries to work on our behalf and keep us healthy. It has been a growing process by applying suggestions made to me by Dr. Mary and educating myself from other resources whenever I can. We "reap what we sow" with the choices we make in caring for our bodies. My goal is to do those things that will keep my body, soul, and spirit in balance so I can be a healthy, wholesome example for Him to others."

Donna H.

"I am grateful for Dr. Mary's help in enhancing & supporting my innate healing abilities to achieve overall improvement in my physical, mental, emotional & energetic bodies!"

Susan O.

"I have become an advocate for spinal re-adjustment via Dr. Mary Curtis. Kudos to Dr. Mary and her staff for teaching me the wisdom of total relaxation, correct body posture and spinal re-adjustment. Bottom line: "The brightest stars in the sky shine for the benefit of others" – Helen Keller. Thank you for shining so bright for total body wellness."

Andy K.

" After going through a lot of painful headaches my whole life, and having a bone disease that makes some days unbearable, a couple of my friends convinced me to go see Dr. Mary. I was a little apprehensive of going because of my special nervous system, as Dr. Mary likes to put it. Every doctor I went to just wanted to either do surgery of have me take pills to relieve some of the pain. I have been seeing Dr. Mary for a few months, but what she has done for me is amazing! I have fewer headaches and less joint pain. If a few months can do wonders for me, I can't wait to see what the rest of my life will bring! Thanks Dr. Mary!"

Melissa B.

"I made a decision several months ago to become a client of Dr Mary Curtis on the recommendation of my massage therapist, Chantelle Emond. I had been utilizing her services and the services of other Chiropractors that I have great respect for for several years. However, I was still experiencing chronic left hip and knee weakness and pain.

Dr Mary's treatment is a unique form of intuitive energetic treatment specific to herself and not available elsewhere. I have made considerable improvement with her help.

I myself am a retired Chiropractor with 45 years of experience. I am very selective about who I would entrust myself to for health care services. If you are looking for help with problems that others have not solved, I would certainly work with Dr. Mary. She also offers a unique approach to prevention and wellness that would benefit most people."


"I want to thank Dr. Mary and her staff for the fantastic care that I have received in the past few months. A friend of mine told me about Dr. Mary, she knew that I was going through a rough time with neck, back, and other issues that affected memory, focus, and overall wellness. I had been to several doctors, including another chiropractor, and was even told by one that there was nothing wrong with me, which I knew was not true! I took Dr. Mary's recommendation and followed her treatment program. As a result of this program, I currently feel better than I have in years. I can turn my neck when I drive, have more energy, and improved focus and memory. My husband now comes to Vitality Chiropractic and has also had amazing results, we plan on maintaining our current level of wellness with the help of Dr. Mary."

Diane R.

"Dr. Mary's chiropractic care has made a huge difference to me. My neck doesn't hurt anymore, and it used to hurt all of the time. Dr. Mary anticipates what part of my body needs her attention without me telling her. I appreciate that, because I don't always know the connections. She is sympathetic, knowledgeable, and I feel lucky to have her in my life."

Barb K.

I appreciate most the warm and healing atmosphere in your clinic. Thank you for that right up front and also your total professionalism. Your treatments have been instrumental in healing most of the pain I was experiencing, allowing more available energy for my everyday life. Even at the ripe old age of 82 the body can heal with the right stuff. I thank you for being there! Most sincerely,

Shirley E.

Chiropractic care has allowed me to live a more active lifestyle with little to no pain. I am able to do a variety of activities that I wasn't performing before including having Aspen in a carrier while I perform the elliptical. I have been a lot happier person and am enjoying activities a lot more.

Tanya G.

Dr. Mary has improved my whole family's heath and wellness. My son HAD issues with bed wetting; he went from 5 nights/week to maybe once a month. My daughter's uneven shoulders are straightening out, not to mention her overall attitude has improved and stabilized. My husband's back felt better just after the first couple visits. As for myself, after 20 years of hip problems, my right hip popped out of place 6 months ago. I thought I would never recover, but I was wrong. I thank Dr. Mary for addressing the true problem and helping me gain strength and confidence again, both physically and mentally. Every visit is therapeutic and enlightening. My whole family anticipates coming back for more!

Chasity M.

It's been a journey of subtle steps toward health and well being that certainly couldn't be fashioned alone. Undoubtedly, it was through the care and guidance of Dr. Sheila that led me to a place in health I was so wanting and desperately needing. Believing and trusting Dr. Sheila was easy. Believing and trusting in myself was a totally different story. After a few visits, my comfort level escalated to heights I never expected, and the end result? A synergistic makeover! Thank you Dr. Sheila, Heather and Dr. Mary! I couldn't have made the progress without the encouragement, guidance and support of my Vitality Girls!

Deb S.

For years I've experienced low energy, fatigue, no longer the desire to do the things I enjoy to do, pain in my lower back, knees, and shoulders. Even my bones seemed to hurt. Seeing Dr. Mary has been such a wonderful life changing experience. My energy is coming back and my body aches and pains are diminishing. I can enjoy some of the thinks I stopped enjoying, even just taking long walks without pain. The most important thing is I am getting off medications that are causing more harm to my body than good. What a wonderful fine when I found Dr. Mary and Heather. Thank you for all your support and concerns and that wonderful push I always need to achieve my goals. Mostly, thank you for giving me my life back and a road to recovery that no one else seemed to know how to do. (It really isn't a 40 thing!) You're the best Dr. Mary!

Rhonda J.

I came to Dr. Mary with severe shoulder and neck pain. My experience with everyone has been amazing. I highly recommend Dr. Mary and her staff! Dr. Mary is truly committed to her patient's well-being. She has taught me that healing takes place on all levels physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, the whole person. Dr. Mary has a gift! The difference in my life is huge!! Thank you Dr. Mary & Heather

Shellie P.

Yes, you have made a difference in my life! And that difference is a positive, happy one that will remain with me forever. Along with the physical comfort that you have helped me attain, you have helped me realize how important the emotional side of life is as it plays its part in the physical side of life. Until you became a special person in my life, I did not know chiropractic care could attend to that element of one's body. My three years with you have helped me develop a more serene self, a better physical self, and a deeper commitment to attending to my total self. Happiness is seeing Dr. Mary!

DeeDee K.

I am a huge proponent of Dr. Mary and KST! I came to Rapid City after suffering a T-bone car accident and went through a couple different chiropractors in the area. I had previously been using a chiro in MT that also used KST, so I knew the benefits of it. A coworker told me of Dr. Mary and I am so thankful for that tidbit. Thanks Dr. Mary for saving my body and nursing it back to health! Also, thanks for saving my whole family (dog included) a lot of money in medial and medication bills that would have only masked the problem instead of treating it. KST and Dr. Mary is truly going to the root of the problem and fixing it; physically and mentally!

Kari M.

I can't remember when I first started coming to see Dr. Mary, but it has been a very healthy decision on my part to include her services in my alternative healthcare approach. I have had other chiropractic sessions, but none have ever come close to the relief of pain and general feeling of well being as I receive after a treatment with Dr. Mary. I have shared my experience with family embers and friends, and once they also receive care, they are in mutual agreement that Vitality Chiropractic is a much needed addition to their healthcare too. I have learned so much about myself with Dr. Mary...chakra colors, feelings affecting your well being, self sabotaging that I do, the understanding of different sensations throughout the body after a session. I cannot thank Dr. Mary and Heather enough for being a part of my life's journey in caring for myself. -love you guys to the moon and back.

Deb H.

I have been coming to Dr. Mary for about 8 years. I have had a lot happen to keep Dr. Mary busy - from falling out of an attic, to car accidents, to other injuries I have put my body through. Each time, Dr. Mary has fixed me up and it has made a big improvement in my health. The last 3 years I have been on a health kick and have had some issues and each time Dr. Mary has kept me on track to keep going. I have also gained a lot of knowledge from her like learning the difference between muscle awareness and actual body pain, as well as letting me know when to back off on my workouts because something isn't right. Also a big thank you to Heather as she keeps me straight on my appointments and has worked hard to get me in on short notice when needed.

Chris R.

Thank you Vitality Chiropractic, Dr. Mary and Heather, you have always helped me with all of my chiropractic needs and every time I am done with my appointment, I always leave feeling so much better. You have not only been there for just me, but my whole family enjoys the chiropractic care you provide them. We have been coming to your office for so many years that everyone there feels like family to us. Thank you for keeping us healthy!

Sylinda D.